Born to be a friend of yours

Chip is an independent guy, he took the reins of the power in his hand (I mean, paws) and found a place to stay by himself. He woke up a volunteer at 5 am with his plangent howl. Chip was howling very loud and for a very long time; but this doggedness let him find a shelter. It is still unknown where he came from, but what we know for sure - Chip is very fawning, not feral at all. 

“Chip and I - fond of sport!”

Chip loves games and walks, he would be a great partner for a family and kids, he would love noisy games, as well as patting. Upon that the dog is easy to be trained, docile, introduced to leash walk and recognizes the human authority. Chip is still a young dog, he has a whole life ahead that can be happy and fine if he gets a new home. 

A chance for Chip - is so easy to get! 

A warm place and comity of manner - all that Chip needs. It’s very easy to help him! Following the website TEDDYFOOD you may donate Chip or any other pet a gift, pay for medical fees, or help by reposting and advertising. You don’t need big sums of money or a lot of time to do that. Because in the end, the most important thing given to our paws by TEDDYFOOD volunteers is support, devotion and love. 

Come join us!