Fenya came to the Svoboda Center from black breeders. These are people who make money from animals that have become victims of fashion trends. They organize a "conveyor belt" to produce babies. Often these animals are not treated, they are fed with garbage, if they are fed at all, so they are exhausted and unhealthy. Fenya had the misfortune to be born in such an "unfortunate" place. But now all that is behind her and she is in complete safety and comfort.

Sweet Fenya is a cheerful, active girl who will captivate everyone with her personality. She spends her time looking for friends and treats. She makes contact easily. Don't doubt that after a thorough sniff of her wet snout, you'll become great friends and have the privilege of scratching her prickly black back. She knows commands, uses the litter box, and is generally well behaved. Understanding and friendly, she can be a bit of a lively pig. Fenya will be a true friend and the soul of the company! All that's left is to find her a good home and family.