106 cats and dogs are waiting —
help them via TEDDY FOOD

TEDDY FOOD is an online service aimed at helping homelessdogs and  cats currently living in animal shelters. With TEDDY FOOD you can choose a pet from an animal shelter, choose the way you want to help, and watch the animal online.

For each act of help to homeless pets you get titles and TF TF points on TEDDY FOOD. Titles show how much help you have provided. You can share your title with friends on social media. You can spend TF points on the animals: our partner stores will start accepting them soon.

TEDDY FOOD exists to give PEOPLE
a simple and reliable way to improve
homeless animals lives.
Teddy, CEO
«I generate ideas, encourage the team, and oversee the project so it works perfectly!»
Pavel, Development
«I accumulate Teddy’s ideas and provide creativity!»
Varya, Development
«I create something beautiful every day and try to find nonstandard solutions for Teddy Food.»
Anastasia, SMM
«Magic in social networks.»
Sergey, Tech.development
«I oversee the technical development, control installation of the webcams.»
Evgenia, Mentor
«Strategy and development assistance.»
Ekaterina, Business analyst
«I follow the development of the product.»
Jana, Copywriting and email-marketing
«Nice texts and good letters from the cat Ponchik.»
Mila Alekseeva, coffee houses “OMG” owner, Moscow: Can i overfeed or buy too much presents to a pet while others will be neglected?

Varya, development: Mila, don’t worry! We’ve placed reasonable limits for such situations. You can’t donate too much for one pet in one day, or constantly gift her/him new treats. Also pets who have been provided with less help are shown on the top of the list. They will have more chances to get help.

Uljana Dimant, PA HAWAS media group designer, Moscow: Please explain what are the titles for?

Maria, Marketing: Uljana, the more animals you help, the higher your title becomes. Titles show how much help you have provided. You can share your title with friends on social media. We constantly add new titles and soon we will finalize the conception and each title will have its benefits. You just need to register to start earning titles.

Vasilisa Golubeva, fashion designer, Smolensk: How can I spend points I received at TEDDY FOOD?

Ilja, docflow: Vasilisa, you receive TF points for all kinds of help. You can spend TF points on the animals, and our partner stores will start accepting them too.

Tatjana Suslik, photographer, Bangkok: What should I do if I can't see a pet in their house or video is off at all?

Sergej, technical developement: Tanja, this might happen, please, don’t worry about it. Probably, a pet went for a walk or a game, or a house is being cleaned. Streaming issues can be caused by temporary camera or internet connection issues on the internet.

Evgeny Hlebnikov, director of photography, Moscow: Can I take my favourite pet home?

Pavel, development: Evgeny, of course! Just click the Take home button and fill in the form. Pet supervisor will contact you soon.