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TEDDY FOOD is a platform dedicated to aiding homeless animals.

Our team equips animal shelters with internet connectivity and installs video cameras. We then create profiles for the animals on our website, detailing their needs, stories, and more.

On the TEDDY FOOD website, anyone can select an animal from a shelter and provide the necessary support by choosing from various available assistance options. Individuals can also volunteer or consider adopting an animal. Thanks to our installed cameras, online monitoring of the animals is possible. Users earn ranks and points for their charitable actions.

TEDDY FOOD exists to give PEOPLE
a simple and reliable way to improve
homeless animals lives.
Pavel, CEO
«Founder and leader of the platform.»
Barbara, Founder, product manager.
«Development and enhancement of the platform.»
Yana, Head of Shelter Communications
«Communication with shelters and subscribers, ensuring that all the pets on the site are fed.»
Sergey, Head of Development.
«I handle all the internal and technical magic.»

Our goals:

  • To assist non-profit organizations and shelters across Eastern Europe in attracting resources: money, necessary items, volunteers, media support;
  • To help shelters find homes for animals, promote them;
  • To contribute to the development of systematic assistance in the field of animal protection, promote the development of non-profit organizations' infrastructure;
  • To educate society about humane treatment of animals.

Our tasks:

  • Creating a platform for users where assistance is perceived not as something sad or intrusive like an SOS. The motivation to help should be genuine, not grown out of a sense of guilt; Maintaining a positive, relaxed atmosphere on the website. This is a platform where there is transparency, simplicity, and ease of use, a sense of involvement, and fun (gamification);
  • Creating other services that will draw attention to the problem of homeless animals (quiz games, applications, contests, chatbots, etc.);
  • Developing creative materials that will show animals in a positive light, debunking myths about them. Promoting animals from participating shelters on social media, in the media, on the website, etc., to facilitate their adoption.
  • Conducting webinars, courses, training sessions, and creating support materials for NGO staff to improve animal welfare standards.

What do we do and whom do we help?

In 2015, our team launched an online platform for helping animals, TEDDY FOOD. Our main goals were to make the work of shelters more transparent by providing online cameras in the pet cages. This way, users can ensure the proper use of their funds and care for the animals.

We see TEDDY FOOD as a platform with two beneficiary segments: shelters with animals and regular users who want to help animals.

 In the case of shelters and animals, we attract donors to our platform, providing them with various opportunities for assistance: from informational and expert support to financial aid. Thanks to this, shelters and animals have a financial cushion and more resources for their activities.

 In the case of donors, we provide them with a convenient tool for assistance. Through the platform, they can see their wards in real-time and help them in a convenient way.

 Ways to Receive Assistance for Beneficiaries:

 For Users


  • Every user can access all the features of the animal assistance service, including adding animals to favorites, viewing live streams, earning points and titles;
  • Any user can use our support via online chat or social networks. The TF team is ready to assist with all questions regarding shelter selection and other issues that arise during animal assistance on the platform;
  • The TEDDY FOOD platform does not accept animals and does not post announcements about lost/found pets;
  • The service collaborates exclusively with legal entities (shelters) and only promotes the wards of partner shelters.


As part of this program, we have created the online platform TEDDY FOOD. Its purpose is to reduce shelters' costs for informational support and provide them with a financial "safety cushion."

Thanks to the platform, anyone can choose a pet from shelters across Eastern Europe, provide any type of care for them, and observe them in real-time.

Each shelter undergoes verification, which includes: checking legal entities, reviews, photos and videos of the shelter, personal visits or visits by trusted individuals.