Larsi is a feral kitty who ended up at the shelter along with her mom-cat and brother Lao. Her mom is a British Shorthair, and you can see some of those traits in Larsi as well. They were living in a dangerous environment, so they were brought to the shelter to ensure their safety.

Larsi is very cautious and even skittish around people. She prefers to remain unnoticed and avoids contact with strangers. However, she gets along well with other cats and is already accustomed to domestic living conditions, knowing how to use a litter box and scratcher.

To earn Larsi's trust and affection, she needs a patient and caring family. She could become a cherished member of your household, but it will take time for her to come out of her shell and feel secure. Larsi would be most comfortable in a home without young children but with other pets. Give Larsi a chance for a happy family life, and she will surely respond with gratitude and love.