Eva, a lovely girl, has been living at the "Wet Nose" shelter for two years. She's a girl who's had a hard life. Volunteers found her on the streets, wandering among the homeless, and brought her to the shelter. At first, Eva was scared. She was skinny and afraid of everything. Everyone feared that her difficult past would make her overly timid. But now Eva has changed and she's a completely different dog. She's calm, loving, playful and well trained. She's comfortable indoors, walks well on a leash, and gets along with other animals. Her current playmate is Microbik. She's not picky about food. She eats both pap and dry food. She'd be perfect for a family with children and would make a wonderful companion. Eva is not a guard dog but can live in a warm kennel with mandatory walks or in an apartment. Please consider a sponsorship package. This will help more people know about this wonderful dog.