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Bring joy to homeless animals online

Choose a pet
Buy a treat for the pet
Watch live video stream with the pet
Share joy with the pet and get points


Vets have chosen tasty and healthy food for each animal.

Buy a portion of pet food or other tasty treats for your favourite pet and watch it enjoying the meal online.


All pets need constant care. You will be able to see the result of your help by watching a live stream with the pet.

Hygiene is an essential part of a pet’s health. Order services to have a pet walked, trimmed, washed or its litter box refilled. Shelters employees will take care of the pet.


Help to pay for medical services by donating any amount of money and check the pet’s medical record.

Gift a toy

Pamper a pet with a toy, new bowl, bed or collar.

Visit and walk

Visit your favourite pet at the shelter. You will enjoy your time and the pet will enjoy human interaction and socialization.

Adopt a pet

The best thing you can do for a homeless animal is to give them forever home and loving family. If you decide to adopt a pet, TEDDY FOOD team will provide all the necessary support during the entire adoption process.

Get titles

Everybody will see your help.
We reward our helpers with titles.
You can earn titles for each act of help towards homeless pets.
Titles show how much help you have provided.

Good Samaritan
6 purchases
15 purchases
25 purchases
Big Brother
40 purchases
Teddy Food Hero

This top honour title is for those who have adopted a pet.
Find your favourite pet and give them a loving home.

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pets were helped by TEDDY FOOD Heroes