This cat survived miraculously after being hit by a car and somehow managed to crawl to the side of the road where she was found by kind-hearted people. She was badly injured and unable to move when they found her, so they took her to a shelter.

Upon examination, it was discovered that she had a fractured spine, which meant that her hind legs were paralyzed. But there was another surprise for the volunteers: she was pregnant. That's why they named her Matryoshka.

Matryoshka has a face that looks like it was painted, just like a traditional Russian nesting doll. She has expressive eyes, perfect eyebrows and stripes on her cheeks. Matryoshka is very affectionate and loves human contact. She also has an incredibly positive outlook on life. She doesn't see herself as unhappy. She moves around on her front legs, dragging her hind legs across the floor. She even manages to put other cats in their place. She tries to climb higher by crawling up people's legs. And when the "cat commune" is playing, Matryoshka is right in the middle of it.