Dita had been shot. Whether to amuse or to kill, a bullet hit her neck. To avoid the burden of caring for the wounded animal, she was thrown into a dumpster. The poor dog was bleeding and probably would have died, but fortunately she was noticed by compassionate people who called volunteers for help. Dita was taken to a hospital in Tikhoretsk, but unfortunately they didn't have the necessary equipment for examination and treatment. So the injured Dita ended up in Moscow, in a shelter for huskies.

Upon arrival in Moscow, she underwent surgery to remove the bullet from her neck, and her chances of recovery were 50/50. Dita had almost no ability to socialize with humans and was virtually paralyzed for a long time. However, she fought for her life and is making great progress, now able to stand on all fours by herself. She is tolerating all medical procedures stoically and is eating well, which is a sure sign of recovery.

Upon full recovery, she will be placed in any family, including those with children and other animals. For now, she needs daily sessions with a rehabilitation specialist, massages, physical therapy, swimming and treadmill walking.