Bonya came to the shelter from irresponsible breeders. She was one of those puppies that these careless people intended to sell to "fashionable" pet lovers. Unfortunately, they didn't care much about the puppies' condition. They fed them poorly, mostly scraps, and there wasn't enough food for their growing bodies. Always hungry, dirty and neglected, these pets were eager to escape their captivity. Now in excellent condition, Bonya has adapted well to the shelter, but she still dreams of a happy family and a new, safe home. Bonya is a happy but humble girl who loves to greet all visitors. She's always waiting for someone to bring her treats. This adorable black pig with the famous pink spot is always on the lookout for something tasty. A cookie in someone's hand brings a smile to Bonya's face and her tail can't stop wagging. Bonya is well behaved, obeys commands and is attentive to her surroundings. This modest girl will be happy to join a family that will give her time to adjust and fall in love with this wonderful pig.