Fiat - a dog that was born under a lucky star

The beginning of this story is not very pleasant: Fiat got run over by a car, and was brought to the shelter with a serious backbone injury. Rehabilitation was successful: after a long time of treatment the dog got up and about again. Nowadays Fiat is a playful, active and cute kiddo. He is looking forward to being adopted. 

What kind of family would match Fiat? 

Any kind! He is healthy now, energetic, he can live in a doghouse or crate. He has a strong, loud voice, so he can be a reliable guard; however, he would be a good partner in house, too. This curious and joyful doggy would show that a dog is a real friend of a human. He is fond of long walks, and absolutely non-aggressive in relation to other animals. 

Come meet Fiat!

We believe that this boy will definitely find a family. You can help him with that. It is easy to help the shelter: special buttons on TEDDYFOOD Website will give you an opportunity to do it! PesoDni or ads packages allow us to share Fiat’s story, and each ad is one step closer to his future home.