There is always a place for acts of bravery in helping homeless animals. To save the life of a homeless dog - that's no small feat. That’s what happened to Microb when he appeared to be trapped. He was threatened to be put to sleep. A volunteer girl bought him, and saved his life. Then this doggy made it to the shelter Mokry Nos. Volunteers tried to find his owners to send him back home. He was not a young boy, it means he could have issues with adaptation. But there was no effect. Owners were not found. 

How to adopt living in a shelter and trust people 

Volunteers were right. Microb was brought down. It was very difficult for him to be involved in a strange environment. He was grieving, worried, and did not want to have any eye-contact with people. At the beginning he was just laying down rolling himself up into a ball, with no reaction to anything. He was not letting anyone come closer to him..

When he started to feel that somebody cared about him, he began to trust volunteers step by step. He put on some weight, got stronger, got used to humans. Now the shelter feels like home for him. He likes people, as well as his neighbours - other animals. He shares his crate with Eva. They play together, sometimes pretending to fight. 

Dreams about real home

We loved that doggy - with his funny name Microb. We hope that nice people will get excited about Microb and take him home. Because he is dreaming of having a hooman by his side. Dog is very clever and able to be a good boy! He can always wait until being walked. He can be settled in a flat or a house (not a kennel). Despite being a kind one, he has his attitude. That is why no kids are expected to live with him. 

Become a part of Microb’s path. He does not have a lot of care-takers. You can become one of them. Share his story, pay for an ad package or treat him with tasty food. Mokry nos will be glad to get any kind of help for this doggy!