In the spring of 2015, volunteers noticed a dog in terrible condition. The dog was extremely thin and could barely move, and his hind legs weren't functioning. Pixel came into the care of the shelter. He underwent surgery and is now able to walk normally thanks to the care of volunteers. It's not known how Pixel was injured or if he had a previous owner, but he is now healthy and ready to meet a loving family.

Pixel inherited a beautiful coat and intelligence from his parents. He often attends various events and behaves perfectly at them. He's a sociable and talkative dog who is willing to engage in conversation and gets upset when scolded. Pixel has very little undercoat, so it will be difficult for him to survive the winter in an unheated enclosure. However, he makes up for this with his incredibly undemanding nature when it comes to food and his willingness to walk on a leash. He doesn't shed much, doesn't take up much space, and can live in an apartment or private house. He's not fussy about food and walks on a leash. He's looking for a home as the only pet.