Lulu's story began in a dormitory, where she lived with a foreign student. But when the studies ended, the girl abandoned the sweet kitty and returned to her home country. The dormitory caretaker felt sorry for Lulu, found a shelter and asked them to take in the poor thing. And now, having gone through the process of vaccinations to waiting her turn, Lulu has ended up at the shelter. The little one dreams that one day everything in her life will be filled with love and warmth.

Lulu is an incredibly cozy cat, made for a home life. She adores attention, games, and being petted, always craving more attention. Lulu is very sociable, active, and curious. Well-behaved, litter box trained and familiar with scratching posts, she won't cause any special troubles. She remains cheerful and optimistic despite the challenges in her past. Lulu can bring happiness to any family, either as a sole companion or joining a loving family with children. She can also coexist with other household pets.