Kuskun is a cat who has a character and a unique personality. Her story began with being thrown onto the street in a bag along with her brothers and sisters, but fortunately, kind passersby rescued them. She turned out to be the one of the eleven kittens sent to the Volgograd shelter.

Despite her hard times in the past, Kuskun is a true mischief-maker and a curious explorer of the world. Unlike many cats, she's not afraid of the water and even loves to play with it. This kitty can sometimes be a real prankster, imposing her water procedures on her neighbors, but at the same time she's so charming and affectionate that it's hard to resist her cute requests for cuddles.

Kuskun is an excellent companion who is ready to bring joy and fun into your life. She can live either with those who want to have a single beloved pet or with the families who have other furry friends. She's always looking for adventures and some new exciting experience. You can help this bright and kind-hearted kitty find her home by sharing her story on social media or by sponsoring an advertising package.