Rexa was found near a convenience store. She was lying there, indifferent to the surrounding area, and breathing heavily. Rexa was fortunate enough to encounter the shelter workers who immediately took her to the vet. It has happened just in time: she had a huge number of ticks in her fur that were mercilessly biting her, moreover she was hungry and weak. She has received all the necessary care, and now she is healthy and active.

Rexa is very friendly, sociable and with a strong sense of loyalty. She easily gets along with people and is a perfect companion for active walks and fun games. Rexa also loves swimming and will give her future owners the moments of pure joy because of her wonderful character. This intelligent and obedient girl is a perfect pet for a family willing to provide her with a warm and caring home. It's important to consider her hunting instinct when adopting and taking her to your place where there are some other small animals.