Carat is a nice sociable dog.  One day Carat found its place in the sun near a care home. Care home guests fed up, caressed and scratched behind the ear their new friend. Not exactly a home but something worth sticking around. Carat received food and kind words in exchange for its devotion and cheerful nature.

Unfortunately, Carat was run over by a car and broke its paw. Volunteers from the “Mokriy nos” shelter came to the rescue. Now the dog is fully recovered and does not even limp. Old friends from the care home miss Carat a lot and would like to get the dog back, but the dog cannot survive on the street anymore. Carat got used to having a roof over the head, regular meals and good friendship with Lady and Darina , his neighbors in the open-air cage.

Carat is a kind-hearted chap.

Carat desperately desires kind words and gentle touch. He will give everything for that, all what he has and that is love and loyalty. Carat is a dog of peace. The dog gets on well with other animals and children. It is accustomed to walk on a lead, and knows the “Stay” and the “Touch “obedience trials. 

Will you help find Carat a home ?

Carat is an excellent companion dog who will share all the positive vibes with its new owner. He is not a puppy, which has its own merits:  you do not need to nurse the dog, feed ad libitum and teach how to go lulu outside. Carat is a reliable friend who is looking for a friend. Come to “Mokriy nos” shelter and see for yourself. 

If you live far from Kirov, you can support Carat by sending a treaty or advertising on the TEDDY FOOD website while Carat is waiting for a new owner.