Eron found himself locked in a small cage with another lion cub and other exotic animals. The cold and cramped confines of the car were uncomfortable and frightening. A long journey in harsh, freezing conditions could spell disaster for any pet. By the time the Volgograd police discovered the van with the animals, Eron and the others were exhausted and weak. They were fed from bottles and quickly found a place at the "Dino" shelter. The center's staff responded quickly to these unusual guests and provided them with everything they needed.

After the harrowing "journey," Eron was in a very neglected state: very skinny and deeply distrustful of humans. He displayed the typical aggression of a predator and hid from humans. By the third day, however, Eron no longer felt threatened and began to trust people, allowing them to pet him and play with him. He's always submissive to Simba, following him and imitating his actions, even though vets say he's slightly older than Simba. He clearly recognized leadership qualities in him right away. At present, Eron shows no aggression towards humans. He's friendly and cheerful.