Trisha and other puppies were rescued from a production facility

Homeless dogs often live at the premises of production facilities. Sometimes they are fed, sometimes they are booed. As luck would have it. In these conditions they have to survive and fend for themselves. Trisha’s story has begun right in such a place. He was born in the streets and lived with his mom and sisters trying to hide away from people. They were seen under the concrete slab, or in the abandoned dugout… 

Caring people decided to help this dog fam and took them to the shelter for homeless animals. Puppies were successfully catched, Trisha was among them. Unfortunately, the mom of the dog fam failed to be catched. She was too smart and cautious - as she learned it in her own experience -  not to come close to people. 

Bright-headed and bred doggy

After getting in the shelter puppies got used to people, because they did not have a chance to run wild. Trisha is fond of patting and touching of hands. Moreover, he turned out to be very smart! A true “gentleman” among his sisters. He is a very nice and cute dog. 

Trisha, make a wish! 

It’s fancy that he lives in a shelter together with two other dogs with similar names. Nika - his sister, and one more dog named Nika. If Trisha knew about a custom for making a wish in this case, he would definitely like to get from a shelter into his own home. Let’s help him to make this wish come true! 

We put ads on the Web on a regular basis to let people discover animals from shelters. By paying for an ads package for Trisha you would increase the chances of getting a new home for him. Besides, you may share his story on social media. Who knows, maybe some of your friends would get interested in this nice dog. Now Trisha is waiting for his hooman, meanwhile he would be very glad if you gift him a feed.