Palpi was found in a deplorable state by caring people. The skin on his back was completely torn, one large gaping wound. It's terrifying even to imagine who could have done such a thing to a defenseless little one! Palpi underwent a complex and unique operation - a skin graft from his belly to his back. He was literally brought back from the brink.

Palpi has recovered, grown a fluffy coat and was soon placed in a family. However, it turned out that Palpi "was walking around on his own" or more precisely was practically living on the street. When it was found out in the shelter, they took him back under their protection.

Taking care of him doesn't require special efforts. Palpi would be happy to be in a good and caring family, with children and other pets. He will surely find a cozy corner at home and greet his beloved humans with gentle purring and affectionate cuddles.