In early cold spring of 2019, someone heartlessly abandoned four kittens in a dumpster when they were only a couple of days old. They were left for dying. These kittens were crying out for help, and they eventually had been found by compassionate young women who sought assistance from the shelter. Among the little ones were Dobby and his brother, Harry. A foster mother cat was found for them, she was nurturing and taking care after them. Later, they had an eye infection which was treated successfully. After the prolonged illness, Dobby has some coordination issues, but they are not that noticeable. Nevertheless, he is a lively kitten and ready to find a new home right now!

Dobby adores attention and wants to be loved. He eagerly notices every movement of other people and gets incredibly excited when he's being noticed. Dobby is an incredibly kind and affectionate kitty. He's always up for interaction and cuddles; he clearly misses human attention at the shelter. Dobby reaches out to people, and his lively nature remains undiminished even after his extended treatment. He's attentive and neat, and he knows how to use a cat litter box and a scratching post. Dobby is more than ready to become a part of a caring family and offers his unwavering loyalty in return. This adorable little companion will bring joy and happiness to his new home. Without a shadow of a doubt!