Asya is a kitten who was born to a stray cat that lived in the vicinity of the factory. Asya grew up there for a while, but one day she was seen limping and obviously injured. Volunteers who were contacted for help took Asya to the shelter. It was discovered that the cat had a fractured spine.

The trauma to her spine has left its mark - the lower half of Asya's body is not functioning. But Asya is not discouraged, she knows how to stand up for herself: on the broadcast from the shelter you can find her among other cats and see that she willingly participates in games and does not get offended.

The cat is charming, playful and contact with people. In a family with adult and conscious children it can be taken without fear. Yes, such cats need careful care. However, it is not so difficult: the shelter staff will be able to explain everything to an attentive and ready for such a pet family.