Shura is a dog saved from being put down.

Stray dogs’ destiny is sometimes unpredictable since a human can interact with it. The most representative example is animal control. Dogs are being taken from their usual environment away and in most cases their future is to be put down. This has happened to Shura, but she got lucky. She was rescued by volunteers and taken to the shelter “Mokriy nos” 

Getting used to a new life

The girl was in a very bad condition. The biggest problem she had was starvation. It seemed as the girl starved during her street life. She is eating a lot but isn’t gaining much weight yet. Besides that the dog isn’t used to living in a house. She had a hard  time spent in a care home. She wanted to destroy everything, run away to freedom. When the adaptation period had passed, Shura was sent to an aviary where she felt more comfortable.

Now the dog is starting to open up. It turned out that she is calm in her usual environment- in the street. Shura is very kind, loves hugging and going for walks. 

We need your help

We wish Shura to get well soon and find a new house! Will you help in doing so? Treat her with food or pay for food for a week so she isn’t in need of anything. And an advertisement on the Internet will help people to find out about this doggy. It’ll be good  if we are able to get Shura into a house where she can walk freely in a garden or aviary.