Darina is the dog who never knew the warmth of human hands

 Darina lived on the street all her life fighting for food, hiding from vicious people and staying away from troubles. Volunteers from the “Mokriy nos” shelter found Darina when it was an adult doggie. When examining the dog it came out that Darina had had sarcoma. The dog was put under urgent treatment.

Darina has completely recovered. The dog is cured, well fed and sterilized.

At first Darina was a little timid, was afraid to trust people. The dog had never had an owner. However, Darina`s kind character and keen interest in people helped the doggie to socialize.

 Five facts about Darina

1. The dog is kind and tender. 

2. The dog is   obedient and can walk on a lead.

3. The dog gets on well with people, children and animals.

4. The dog goes lulu only outside.

5.   The dog can live in a flat or a private house.

 Let the dream come true !

As all the dogs in the shelter, Darina has a dream. Darina is dreaming about having a home. You can be the one who can help Darina find a new home. All you have to do is repost this story or pay for an advertising collateral on our website.

May be Darina`s future owner is looking for his new friend. You can help them find each other.

 What can you do to help homeless animals?

 You can order animal food on our website or pay for the “Pesonedelia”.  

If you do so, the doggie will get everything it needs.