A wild doggie was living in a bedroom community lurking near apartment houses. The locals were feeding the dog up but it did not trust people and stayed away. One spring Olcha was in the middle of oestrus.  It was a loud party. The locals called “Kluch dobra” shelter  and volunteers came and caught the doggie to sterilize. 

Kind plump little thing

 At first Olcha was savage and bit. However, volunteers from the “Kluch dobra” shelter came to terms with the dog and even tamed it. Olcha could walk on a lead and got used to wearing a collar. Volunteers from the “Kluch dobra” walk a lot with Olcha because the dog is quite chubby and has to exercise more.

The doggie is living with a blind dog called Victoria and a puppy called Batia in the open-air cage. Olcha needs communication with a friend - a dog friend.  It soothes Olcha. The dog does not like loneliness.

Olcha wants to communicate with people and wants to receive warm touches but the dog needs to get used to dealing with people first.

Olcha is looking for a loving and caring family who is ready to devote a lot of time on walking and working with a dog handler.

 Let's be friends?

 Support Olcha together with TEDDY FOOD!

Give Olcha yum-yum treaties and good care; watch after the doggie via our live-cameras.