This cutie was sitting in a pit along with Gaika and Rocky. These little kittens were so exhausted that you could have almost seen through them, it was a heartbreaking thing to watch. They were rescued, nourished, and treated of parasites, but now they really want to find their home.

Vintik adores treats. Food is his main hobby and comfort. Sometimes volunteers would take him out of the enclosure and carry him somewhere. Whenever Vintik panics he starts singing out of fear. His loud meowing echoes around the shelter, and only treats can distract him. But once the song of fear begins, it's not appropriate to interrupt it at its most interesting part. Vintik has found a way - he eats and meows at the same time, and it's quite amusing. Affectionate but very businesslike. This kitty isn't used to be lounging around for long; after all, the world is full of fascinating things. There are balls to chase and the neighbors to play with."