Tolstik and his brother Pukhlik are true twins. At the first glance, it's unclear who is who. But their personalities are indeed different. They were found as the newborns and left near one of the city cafes. A kind-hearted girl took in the little ones and literally bottle-fed them. One of the kittens found a home, but the brothers continued living on the cafe's territory. Suddenly, their lives took a drastic turn when the cafe had been sold, and they couldn't have been taken home. Instead, they were taken into the shelter.

Tolstik's charming appearance and gentle nature stand out him from others. This modest, affectionate, and healthy sweetheart is truly endearing. He behaves as if he were still a kitten, nuzzling and circling around people when they show him attention. Tolstik is a lovable homebody who won't be a source of trouble. He's like a cat from old fairy tales, always guarding the coziness and the warmth of your home. Well-mannered and clean, he's litter trained and knows how to use a scratching post. Tolstik is ready to go to a new home, possibly even with his brother. He dreams of finding caring hands, having his own cozy corner, a soft bed, delicious food, and fun playtime with kids and other pets. This handsome fellow shouldn't be sad in the shelter for long – he's already prepared to bring joy and love to his new owners.