Dina, a former homeless dog, was found under the stage of a kindergarten in Kursk where she gave birth to her puppies without any assistance. The volunteers had to perform a complex surgery in order to save Dina and her little puppies. Despite her fear of human beings, Dina followed her instincts and surrounded her puppies with care.

Right now Dina's living in the ""Right to Live"" animal shelter where she has settled in and become a part of a close-knit dog family. Dina has adapted to her shelter life and become a favorite in her enclosure. She loves walking off-leash but also behaves well when on a leash. Dina would be a loyal pet to her future owner, and she is ready to become a perfect guardian of her territory. She is looking for a responsible and caring family that pays attention to their pets and does not keep them on a chain.