Marusya came from Dagestan with her friend Emelya. Donkeys are used as draught animals there, but people don't take much care of them. Marusya roamed the streets and faced a sad fate - ending up in the slaughterhouse to become dog food. Volunteers prevented the irreversible and saved the donkeys. They had traveled a long way and found a new life at the center. Warm treatment and good conditions were new to them. After rehabilitation, Marusya's brother has already found his home, but she still dreams about it.

Marusya is very gentle and kind, very people-oriented. She has a sense of humor that is understood by both animals and humans. Marusya is very intelligent, knows commands and can open the door of the kennel. Friendly and sweet, Marusya has completed a full rehabilitation course and can easily join a family that knows how to be friends with donkeys. She will easily bond with children and other animals and adapt quickly to new conditions.