A passerby found Boris Borisovich on the side of the road. The man contacted a veterinary clinic and got in touch with the shelter. Most likely, a week before this, the cat had been hit by a car. The chances of recovery were minimal – a lot of time had been lost, and the fractures turned out to be complex. But Boris Borisovich endured a lengthy surgery with determination, and miraculously, it was successful.

Now Boris Borisovich can walk again. Currently, he still limps, and it will take time for a complete recovery. His limp doesn't hinder him, and most importantly, he's no longer in pain. This kitty now needs loving owners, as rehabilitation will proceed much faster in an atmosphere of love and care. There are many reasons to love Boris Borisovich. He is an endless source of love and gratitude. During his time at the shelter, he learned to use the litter box and the scratching post. This calm, undemanding, and endlessly affectionate cat would be a wonderful part of any home. However, he will only go to one special person, so don't waste any time – come meet him!