Bonya is a red beauty girl with even temper

Bonya along with another dog was living with irresponsible owners who often let the dogs out and forgot to feed them. Kind people were feeding up the dogs. Later volunteers from the “Mokriy nos” shelter took Bonya.  Poor thing was very thin when arrived to the shelter. Now Bonya feels and looks great. The dog is healthy and almost happy.

Bonya needs a loving owner who will never betray again. At first, the dog can proceed with caution. Bonya gets on well with other animals and walks on a lead. Bonya is an obedient tender doggie who is not suitable to guard and protect. The dog can live in a flat or a warmed open-air cage with obligatory walking.

Give Bonya  a portion of dog food or pay for advertising to help people learn more about this beautiful dog.

 Now Bonya lives together with Stiff.