Nayk was found on the street in 2017 with a broken pelvis. Shelter staff believe she was probably kicked out of a home. Unfortunately, they couldn't find her owner.

After her fracture healed, she was adopted into a family. Unfortunately, this good fortune only lasted half a year. She was returned to the shelter because she couldn't handle a child. Two years later, there was hope for her to find a new home, but she was returned again, this time because of a cat. This was the third time Nayka had been rejected.

Currently, Nayka is looking for a family without other pets or young children, as this would be most comfortable for her. She's very active, friendly, responsive to affection, loves attention, and enjoys long walks. She's easy to train, knows a few commands, is healthy, vaccinated and spayed. Nayka is familiar with apartment living, so that's no problem for her!