Her owner simply left her outside the door. Either he couldn't handle the dog's personality or didn't take any responsibility for her upbringing. Compassionate people who noticed Kiray wandering around the city helped her find her way to the shelter.

Here, she's as comfortable as can be for a dog like her. But she desperately craves attention and activity, which are in short supply, making her eagerly await new owners. Kiray is a Staffordshire Terrier mix. She loves people and might seem tough at first, but with close interaction, she becomes affectionate and sweet. However, Kiray doesn't get along well with other pets, especially dogs. She may lunge at them, perhaps to show her strength or get to know them better. It's better not to take any risks and keep Kiray away from other furry companions.

She's highly active and walks only on a leash. Sometimes, she can't contain her excitement before she walks and jumps on people or playfully nibbles the leash or their hand out of impatience. Kiray is a good girl but needs proper training and handling. Thus, she's waiting for her person—someone who understands the responsibility and is ready to take on her upbringing.