Volunteers rescued Isay literally from the butcher's hook. Dark vertical stripes on his nose still serve as reminders of his past in the slaughterhouse—calluses from the grate behind which he spent his days, awaiting his bitter fate. When Isay first arrived at the Center, he would cry each time his new friends took him home. He thought he would have to live, losing loved ones again. Now he has adapted to his new conditions, and hope has blossomed in his heart that everything will be fine for him now.

Modest Isay doesn't even realize how stately and magnificent he is. Today, he stands as a splendid Orlov trotter, a proud representative of the legendary Russian horse breed. He's intelligent and understanding, with only a hidden sadness in his gaze. Over time, Isay came to believe that nothing threatened him, that he wouldn't be harmed, but, on the contrary, he would be well-fed, talked to, petted, and allowed to run in the fields to his heart's content. In interactions with strangers, Isay remains cautious, timidly approaching contact. However, if you manage to win his trust, his love will be boundless. You can provide care for Isay or give him a home with the appropriate conditions and a loving family that he will cherish with his enormous heart.