Dunya, the decorative miniature pig, came to the center from irresponsible breeders. For them, Dunya and her friends were just a way to make money. There's nothing good about being in a place like this for animals. They're poorly fed, and their health is neglected. That's how Dunya came out of there, exhausted and tormented. But everything changed at the center, because love and care can work wonders! Dunya is incredibly intelligent, clever, and happy. She's always in the know—she knows who, where, when, why, and how.

Dunya is very social and outgoing and loves order and discipline. She's excellent with the litter box and follows commands. Dunya has taken charge of the other mini-pigs at the Svoboda Center, especially the mischievous ones. You can't fool her! Dunya gets along well with people and her four-legged friends. She loves to gossip and share secrets with her friends. An eternal know-it-all, Dunya will fit in perfectly with an active and fun-loving family and bring a lot of joy to her new home.