Most of Fanya's life was spent carrying children on her back from dawn to dusk at an amusement park. But there was little rest or reward for her hard work. With the help of the Center, Fanya was rescued from the hands of negligent owners. She arrived at the Center as a worn out, overweight, sugar-fed, unhappy pony. With proper care, she quickly regained her health, adapted to her new surroundings and gained confidence.

Snow-white Fanya is a very friendly and kind girl. She gets along well with people and other pets at the center. She walks gracefully on a leash. At the Center, she has transformed into a hardworking beauty who keeps order in the barn and manages her mischievous friends (despite the fact that they are slightly larger than she is). It's hard to imagine the Foundation without this artistic star. Nevertheless, the lovely Fanechka would still be happy to find friends and, even better, a home and loving family of her own.