She is in the "Cat and Dog" shelter since 20 February 2016
At winter 2016 a cat with a little kitten threw herself at the volunteers' feet. She was instantly taken to the shelter. That day the volunteers asked around about Musia and it turned out that she was a stray cat and people fed her. Unfortunately the volunteers didn't find more kittens. In two weeks Musia's kitten died.

Musia is a very sweet cat, she adores when you pay attention at her - pat, caress and take in your arms. She has been in the shelter for a long time. At the beginnning she was too scared.

Then someone took her her but after 3 days brought her back. It took her a year to get used to other people. Now she's completely different and you would not want to leave her! Also she keeps order and always sets fighting cats apart. She's a wonder-cat.