Baks began his journey as a domestic cat. But one day, due to human negligence, he fell out of a window from six stories up. As it turned out, Baks couldn't stand on his hind legs and couldn't get to the litter box by himself. When his owners found out, they abandoned him.

He was lucky to survive, and he doesn't harbor any ill feelings toward humans. He is hoping that someone will come along who is willing to take him into their home.
Since Baks can't go to the bathroom by himself because of his spinal injury, he needs massages, and the shelter staff knows how to help him. Baks trusts human hands and tolerates the massage procedures without aggression or displeasure. He's comfortable when people are taking care of him.

Baks is not bothered by the lack of strength in his hind legs. He's a lively cat who refuses to accept that anything is wrong with him. He handles plush mice with his front paws and his teeth are in good shape. He's a very active cat who will hunt his toys, chase after balls, and catch anything that moves and is ready to engage with him.