Venera and her kittens came to the shelter in October 2018. She had a serious eye infection, which unfortunately resulted in the loss of one of her eyes. Initially, the shelter staff wanted to treat her, spay her, and return her to her former habitat because she was very aggressive. Survival on the streets often requires knowing how to defend oneself. During the treatment, Venera realized that there are good people who won't hurt her but will show care and provide food. That's when her remarkable transformation began.

It took a lot of love and patience for Venera to start trusting people. As a token of her gratitude for the care and love, she began allowing people to get close to her. Now Venera is an affectionate and grateful cat. Like any cat, she enjoys eating and purring. She doesn't like being picked up or having her personal space invaded. Venera needs a caring but unobtrusive owner. In return, she'll rub against your legs, purr, and tell you stories in her own feline language. Venera has come a long way, overcoming illness, learning to love and trust, using the litter box and scratching post. There's just one task left – finding a home and a loving family for her.