The irresponsible behavior of Zlata`s previous owners led to the fact that the cat gave birth to her kittens multiple times not in a safe environment but in a basement. Her kittens often didn't survive. Eventually, she was completely abandoned on the street. One day, the volunteers have found her, and it was discovered at the clinic that Zlata was expecting kittens again. However, out of the six that were born, only two survived - it was Plush and his sister Manka. After the health of the mother and the newborns had been improved, they moved to the shelter.

Plush, the cheerful citrus or a piece of joy, has quickly integrated into the new community. After getting to know everyone, he claimed a rug for himself, learned the daily routine from the neighbors, and explored common areas. He has learned all the information on the fly, showing himself as a clever and well-behaved kitty, earning the affection of the shelter's long-time residents.

Cats may not like citrus, but his coat looks a lot like the color of an orange slice. Spending time with such a sunny and positive pet can cheer you up! He doesn't hesitate or shy away; you don't have to call him to pick him up. However, he`ll be there to spend time with you not for long as he's a busy guy. Friendly and calm, clean and charming, Plush is waiting for the owner whom he can delight with his many virtues every day.