Lady got in the shelter being domestic

Anyway, volunteers who took care of this poor thing suppose so. Nobody knows if Lady had an owner before or not, but after getting in the shelter she behaved as a truly domestic dog. She is very communicative, got on with other animals and was introduced to leash walking. Unfortunately, even if she had an owner, nobody heard from them. 

Self-walking is a dangerous thing 

Pets that were left on their own often get in trouble or lost. That might have happened with this dog. Now the shelter's volunteers are searching for a new owner for her who will take care and never leave her alone. Lady is gentle and well bred, very kind one and cute. She will become a real family member and can get on with kids, too. 

Not able to adopt a dog but would like to help. What should I do? 

Not everybody can adopt an animal. Moreover, if you like Lady but you don’t live in Kirov, what you can do is to help animals via the Web from any place in the world. That is why we launched TEDDYFOOD. You can also celebrate every new adoption with us! Let’s make the happy endings of such stories together!