Frida was a former resident of a Mexican restaurant. For the entertainment of the guests, she was kept in a cage right inside the restaurant, where all the festivities took place. The constant noise, guests eager to pet the piglet, and the sizzling meat dishes being carried past her cage were clearly not the ideal living conditions for any pet. The staff at the Center managed to negotiate with the restaurant owners, and they agreed that Frida deserved a better home.

Frida has learned to gauge people and can stand up for herself. She approaches everyone out of curiosity and then makes her own judgments about whether to trust a new guest. She loves it when her belly is scratched, so she immediately flops onto her side to provide full access for relaxation. Frida is curious, well-mannered, knows the litter box, and follows commands. Anyone who interacts with Frida is amazed at how intelligent and well-behaved she is. Frida has earned a chance for a peaceful life in a cozy home with a loving family. All that's left is to wait for that fateful meeting.