As a tiny kitten, Alice climbed up a tree but couldn't get down. No one came up looking for her, and the search for her previous owners gave no results. She was found exhausted and unsterilized and taken in temporarily. After her temporary stay, Alice moved to a shelter. It took her a long time to adapt: she cried, wanted to go back, didn't understand why she was here among a big family of cats.

She eventually got somewhat used to it but still feels sad and dreams of a family and a home. Alice is affectionate and human-oriented. This sunny flirt loves men. She has the wonderful ability to communicate by purring and even knows commands. If you sit down, she'll come and be sitting on your lap all day long. However, she's not particularly fond of other cats, tolerating their company but not seeking it out. She's more of a solitary cat who craves for unconditional love.