Darcy is the favorite dog in the shelter

Volunteers from the “Mokriy nos” shelter found Darcy in the fields wandering alone.  Darcy became the favorite dog in the shelter on the arrival. The tramp  was smart, obedient and not a wicked dog. During Darcy’s stay in a vet hospital all the vet staff fell in love with the dog. They said that the dog was one of a kind. Doctors did not want to discharge Darcy saying that it was a beautiful and quick-witted patient.

Doggie to stay in a flat

 Darcy is a perfect dog to stay in a flat because it has mastered the obedience trials  such as:

-         walk on a lead,

-         go lulu outside.

Darcy gets on well with children and other animals.

In the shelter, Darcy lives with Dusia and Dima.  Darcy is sterilized and current on vaccinations. There is a little left to do and even you can do it. You can be the one who can help Darcy find a new home. All you have to do is repost or pay for an advertising collateral.

 I want to help!

A lot of people are ready to come to the rescue for homeless animals, but not all can become volunteers or constant shelter philanthropists. It is simple and convenient to help animals with TEDDY FOOD. You can give and buy animal food or other necessary things and rejoice with us when they find their new homes.