Aidar was taken to the shelter for homeless animals “Klyutsch Dobra" from Khadyzhensk. The volunteers saw an ad about the desire to euthanize a dog with epilepsy. It turned out that Aidar was suffering from otitis and terrible pain, from which he beat his head on the ground, due to improper care of his cropped ears.

Good Soul

 Aidar is a beautiful Caucasian mongrel in the prime of life. He is very kind to people he knows, ready to defend his territory and bark at strangers. He is not a super active dog - he likes to lie down and to contemplate. He gets along well with other dogs and lives in the pen with a dog Daffy. He knows the commands, walks on a leash. Aidar has chronic otitis, and his ears may become inflamed approximately once in six months. Therefore, the doggie needs a weekly cleaning with ear lotion. Aidar is attached to a responsible family that will love him and take care of him.

Help Aidar Find a Home

On TEDDY FOOD website, you can give not only food, but also advertising. With this service, we promote paid ads with animals. Tell the story of Aidar in social networks to increase the chances of a successful attachment. And if you live in Goryachii Klyutsch, come and get acquainted in person. What if Aidar is your soul mate?